Meet Dr. Rose

Dr. Nicholas E. Rose, Orthopaedic Surgery

Few of us truly appreciate the importance of our hands, wrists, elbows or shoulders until injury or disease compromises their function. Then the impact on quality of life often becomes dramatically clear. Even if you don’t depend directly upon your upper extremity skills to make a living – as do professional athletes, artists and others we’ve treated over the years – we all rely on these critical tools every day in countless ways, from driving and typing to dressing ourselves and lifting our children.

When the time comes to entrust a doctor with your evaluation, surgical treatment and care, thousands of others just like you have turned to a specialist with the highest degree of knowledge, skill, training and human touch – Dr. Nicholas Rose

A Doctor with a Human Touch

Dr. Rose is one of those rare individuals who was drawn to his profession at an early age, and virtually everything since those formative years has taken him down the path to become one of the country’s top hand and upper extremity surgeons. A love of sports extended from days as captain of his high school ice hockey team. His continuous participation playing hockey, waterskiing, and golfing have provided him with a keen understanding of the importance of getting patients “back into the game.”

For Dr. Rose, however, one achievement remains paramount in his long list of professional accomplishments, board certifications and prestigious society memberships – his rapport with patients. His proven superior diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitative skills find meaning in the context of a genuine personal commitment to each individual patient. Dr. Rose views himself as a teammate in your treatment. He dedicates himself both personally and professionally to provide the highest level of care to ensure the patient’s fastest and most complete possible recovery.

Dr. Nicholas Rose Introductory Video

Orthopaedic Surgery of the Hand, Wrist, Elbow, and Shoulder